Key Personnel

Kenneth Altman is a producer, production manager and 1st AD with over 20 years experience in media development and production, particularly in cinema and TV production. He is a creative leader with expertise in turning concepts into moving pictures and has been a key part of a variety of productions in the United States and around the world.

Kenneth is a strong team leader both on set and in the office. His organizational skills and keen attention to detail make him the ideal candidate for collaborative leadership roles such on set and in the office. His as UPM and 1st AD but also position him for the commonly individual tasks of screenplay breakdown, scheduling and budgeting for film.


A member of the Producers Guild of America, Kenneth is originally from Portland, Oregon and is equipped with a Master of Arts degree from Regent University, a B.A. from George Fox University and is a graduate of Benson Polytechnic High School.

Specialties: Project development, project management, cast & crew hiring, contract negotiations, budget preparation & management, schedule preparation & management.