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Kenneth Altman -- Producer / Production Manager

Kenneth Altman is a producer, production manager and 1st AD with over 25 years experience in media development and production, particularly in cinema and television production. He is a creative leader with expertise in transitioning concepts into motion pictures and has been a key part of a variety of productions in the United States and around the world. 

Kenneth is a strong team leader both on set and in the office. His organizational skills and keen attention to detail make him the ideal candidate for collaborative leadership roles such as UPM and 1st AD but also position him for the commonly individual tasks of screenplay breakdown, scheduling and budgeting for film.



Kenneth has produced, production managed and assistant directed a variety of feature films including The Gateway, Last Moment of Clarity, Man's Best Friend, Affairs of State, The Reliant, The Bill Collector, For The Glory, Touched By Grace, Christmas on the Coast, Shifting Gears and the Oscar Nominated Alone Yet Not Alone as well as a number of direct to DVD projects.



A member of the Producers Guild of America (, Kenneth is equipped with a Master of Arts degree from Regent University, a B.A. from George Fox University and is a graduate of Benson Polytechnic High School in Portland, Oregon.


Screenplay Breakdown / Scheduling / Budgeting


There are many ways to get your film made and nearly all of them require that an expert filmmaker has first performed a breakdown of your screenplay to derive a budget and a preliminary schedule. Without these all-important “blueprints” investors, distributors and film executives will be unable to accurately assess the potential value of your project and less likely to show interest in it.

CinèFoundry Entertainment has the expertise and experience to create a Schedule & Budget you can be assured are viable and bankable.

Production Management


Screenplay? Check

Money? Check

Let's Roll. 

CinèFoundry provides expert Production Management services to help you complete your project on time and on budget.

First Assistant Director


Filmmaking is complicated. Sets, Props, Costumes, Lights, Cameras, Grip Equipment - the list goes on. But when the cameras roll a Director needs to concentrate on working with actors. A 1st AD steps on to manage all the logistics so a Director can concentrate on performances.

Production Sound


Silent Pictures went away almost 100 years ago. CinèFoundry provides Production Sound services for all types of video and film productions, from ENG and Reality TV to Feature Films.



Whatever the project, from Multi-Million dollar Feature Films and TV shows to Commercials, PSAs and Industrial Training videos, CinèFoundry can find the right crew.... big or small. Specializing in Virginia-based video and film productions we also have good contacts in North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Los Angeles, New York and Michigan.

Small Screens Too


Have a commercial, PSA or industrial video you want to make? CinèFoundry can do that too. Use the Contact page below and let's get started.

In Development

CinèFoundry has partnered with Power of 3 Productions to produce the Indie feature film "Hamelin."

New Project

CinèFoundry is partnering with Power of 3 Productions to produce the indie film Hamelin.

In Development


Directed by Julie Ann Emery

In Other Words

Over the last few years, I have become more and more obsessed with how we communicate with each other in our changing world. The increasingly heated political climate, the rise in social media platforms, trolls, bots, agitators, our lack of ability to look up from our devices and have a one on one conversation with a human being has lead to a lack of civility in our society and quickness to demonize anyone with a differing view point, background, or communication style. Social media allows and encourages us to “preach to the choir”, isolating us from anyone different. How can any argument be won, middle ground be found, understanding be sought in this environment? How do we come toward each other as a society again?

Communication, welcoming someone different, and representation on screen are the things that struck me when I read IN OTHER WORDS. And it is the central message I will continue to push on the journey of making this particular film.

This film utilizes the idea of communication by any means necessary. The fact that those means involve written language, ASL, Poetry, and Dance make the journey all the more beautiful.

Much like Leila and Jeremy utilize any means at their disposal to reach each other, I intend to do the same with our characters’ journeys and the audience.

Differently abled actors will be used in differently abled roles. Bringing both authenticity and a wealth of experience to share. Because representation matters.

Rather than standard lower third subtitles when ASL is used, text will float around the screen to bring the viewer closer to the performer’s hands and eyes. I even hope that as the film progresses, the audience will find less and less need to read word by word. They will learn, as our characters learn to communicate with each other.

At times, we will bring the audience inside the experience of Jeremy and Leila both with POV filming and selected use of cutting sound or in Leila’s case greatly enhancing specific sound.

At its heart, IN OTHER WORDS, is an against all odds love story. Hopefully, what we take away from this love story informs how we meet a stranger, give others second chances, and changes the conclusions we jump to when someone is different than we are.

I hope you’ll join me on this unique journey. -- Julie Ann Emery

Actress Julie Ann Emery is best known for her breakout recurring role in "Better Call Saul," AMC's highly buzzed about prequel to "Breaking Bad." She can currently be seen as a series regular in AMC's fan favorite, "Preacher." Julie Ann takes on the important role of Lara Featherstone, one of the Grail's best operatives, and reports to Herr Starr.

On "Better Call Saul," Julie Ann Emery played the role of Betsy Kettleman, one of the most mysterious characters in the series, who at first glance appears to be an average wife and mother, but has much more going on underneath. Best known for the feature film Hitch ("...a sweet turn by Julie Ann Emery as Eva Mendes' best friend"...USA TODAY), Julie Ann made her big screen debut in the hit romantic comedy alongside Will Smith and Kevin James. Building on that momentum, she went on to star as Holly in the hit indie-comedy History of Future Folk and as Annie Cayne in the family film Dakota's Summer with Keith Carradine. Her most recent film project featured Julie Ann as a therapist to Mckenna Grace in the "Gifted." The FOX feature film also starred Chris Evans. No stranger to the small screen, you may also recognize Emery as "Ida Thurman" from the Emmy and Golden Globe winning mini-series "Fargo," with Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Oliver Platt, and Bob Odenkirk, She starred as Special Agent Jennifer Sampson in Rod Lurie's critically acclaimed series "Line of Fire ("an agent so fiery and confident...she's reminiscent of Jodie Foster in The Silence of The Lambs"...NY Daily News). Emery also worked with Lurie as Secret Service Agent Joan Greer on ABC's political drama series "Commander in Chief" alongside Golden Globe winner Geena Davis and Emmy winner Donald Sutherland. Emery appeared as Amelia Keyes in Stephen Spielberg's Emmy nominated mini-series, "Taken," and in recurring roles on USA's "Suits," DirecTV's "Damages," "The Riches" for FX, Showtime's Emmy-nominated drama series "Dexter," and "NCIS."

In Post-Production

The Gateway

shot in Norfolk , VA,  

is a Metalwork Pictures production 

produced in association with Virginia-based production company

CinèFoundry Entertainment.

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